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The blog with the latest posts can be found here A great place to chat with local mothers and divorced women in your area.

If you are interested in older women this site has a great interface to organise meetups in a discreet and private way.

When referring to the "BDSM community," many people are all too likely to focus on BDSM's erotic practices and forget the "community." Fantasizing about BDSM can be sexy, but to bring many fantasies to life, you need a consenting partner — and beyond that, it's best to have a supportive, educational group of like-minded people.

A new app called Whiplr, released today, wants to help you with that.

ABSTRACT: Sexual regret was investigated across two disparate cultures: Norway (N = 853), a highly secular and sexually liberal culture, and the United States (N = 466), a more religious and more sexually conservative culture.

Sex differences, individual differences in preferred mating strategy, religiosity, and cultural differences in sexual regret were analyzed.

Men were significantly less likely to regret having had casual sex than women and were significantly more likely to regret passing up casual sexual opportunities than women.

Participants who were more religious regretted having had casual sex more and regretted passing up casual sex less.

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However the fundamentals of social interaction, game and personality should never be forgotten.We will try to help you navigate this new world so you can get your sexual needs met without shame and emotional pain.