Sedating a dog for grooming

04-Aug-2017 01:21

Our comparatively low overheads, less profit-oriented principles and genuine desire to serve the community in which we work and live, makes us a much better choice for our customers than the pet-store groom shops.An average basic bath and groom takes between 2 and 2.5hrs depending on breed. Please make sure to confirm a pick-up or delivery time for your pet on check-in.Prices start at and increase gradually depending on breed and the number of services requested.We are a small family-run shop offering some of the lowest grooming prices in Sacramento. " It also aids your pet in good hygiene, encourages pets to be more comfortable when handled, and often boosts the pet's self-esteem.

Michelle is an experienced groomer and animal handler and would only recommend sedation for a small number of cases.

It is used in the mainly to subdue adverse animal behaviours that would hamper the grooming process and cause injury or harm to the animal or groomer, eg severe anxiety or aggression.

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