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First it had Cardboard, a super-budget version of VR that let users build a headset with nothing but their phone, two lenses, and a cardboard box. which is basically the same as Cardboard, but with a fancier headset to put the phone in, a remote control, and some minimum technical requirements.

But earlier in May, at its annual I/O developers' conference, it announced something much more exciting: A standalone virtual reality headset.

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On 21 August 1882 Carl Frederik Tietgen acquired the Copenhagen division of International Bell Telephone Company, an American-owned telephone exchange on Lille Kongensgade in Copenhagen, for DKK 200,000 and founded Kjøbenhavns Telefon Aktieselskab, KTS, later Kjøbenhavns Telefon Aktieselskab, KTAS.

In November 1990, the Folketing passed a law that paved the way for a nationwide Danish telecom.

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Its mobile operating system, Android, is on more than two billion devices worldwide. The Californian technology giant is now increasingly developing its own hardware products, from high-end smartphones to AI-powered smart speakers designed to control your home.

The company was named Tele Danmark and was the parent company for the existing regional companies (KTAS, Jydsk Telefon, Tele Sønderjylland, Fyns Telefon, and Rigstelefonen).

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In late October 2016, an anonymous source shared with Krebs On a list of nearly 100 URLs that — when loaded into a Firefox browser — each displayed what appeared to be a crude but otherwise effective text-based panel designed to report in real time how many “bots” were reporting in for duty.… continue reading »

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