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15-Aug-2017 00:22

With their chant of 'empowerment, not endowment', Small Penis Support Group members hope to convince the world that size doesn't matter. In the name of research, Mark Ellwood attends a brief meeting Any man who claims that he doesn't wish his penis were larger is lying: hung like a baseball bat or a double-A battery, we all know it could be bigger.

We also know that, despite spammed promises of pills to put meat on our members, there's no way, surgical or otherwise, to go from earthworm to anaconda.

The group, which meets at the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Centre in Manhattan's Greenwich Village, where Woodworth works, is officially named "What Is Small, Anyway?

Is it normal that I don't even give a chance or want to date an Asian man, because all I can think about is "Does he have a small penis?