Updating to wordpress 2 7

03-Aug-2017 11:29

Prior to making any changes we strongly recommend you backup your website with your current host.This will mean you can restore your website if your updates cause problems.June 22, 2017 by Morgan Ryan If you’re a Word Press site owner, PHP 7 is likely on your radar. ) PHP alone is an incredibly important part of all Word Press sites – it’s basically what makes them work.PHP 7, however, is an amazing advancement for this already powerful language that can provide your site with a ton of performance perks.Let’s discuss why: If you’re a web hosting provider, then the benefits of PHP 7 should be self-evident.

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This article will cover the steps that should be taken before migrating your website.

PHP is a server-side language, so it mostly comes into play when loading web pages – it’s the language the browser uses to communicate to the server so it knows what assets to load on the page. To see PHP in action, look for files in your database that end in